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Blood Logic, Inc. is a nutritional supplement, education, health software and professional consulting company providing services to the general public and to health professionals. Dr. Michael Wald was nicknamed the Blood Detective by a grateful patient when he uncovered the cause of her persistent health problems when many other health care providers had failed. Dr. Wald's motto, branding and exceptional clinical skills have propelled him into the media spotlight appearing on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Fox National News, Channel 11 PIX and many other programs.


Professional Edition

Blood Detective is a health product and information company that provides nutritional supplements, professional nutritional medical and blood analysis testing software, and full inclusive consultations with the Blood Detective himself, Dr. Michael Wald. Blood Detective is devoted to clean, happy and healthy lives.

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DISCLAIMER: Blood Logic, Inc. produces various software programs including the Professional Edition Software. None of the computer software products provided through Blood Logic, Inc. are patented. Throughout this site there may appear a notation regarding Patent-Pending or Patented, but this is an error and we are making attempts to correct them. 

For Health Professionals Only

Blood Detective Professional Edition - Blood Logic, Inc. recommends that purchasers read the System Requirements before purchase.

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What Is Blood Detective

Professional Edition Software?

Blood Detective Professional Edition software, Dr. Wald's most popular program, is a simple-to-use software that provides health-nutrition reports complete with nutritional supplement recommendations (from many companies), food plans and more – all personalized for your patients unique "biochemical individuality".  Impress your patients by literally “writing the book” on them in just minutes in the form of comprehensive reports that are unmatched!  

Your patients will be impressed with your ability to more precisely target their nutritional needs, help promote faster results and most importantly, get them better so they can enjoy their lives thus transforming your patients into Raving Fans! 

  • Your patients want answers and Blood Detective helps reveal both obvious and “hidden” clues in blood work and other types of tests.
  • Your patients want YOU to be the very best!  Stand out as a Blood Detective!
  • Provide individualized treatments that your patients can relate to.
  • MARKET yourself and your practice with Blood Detective branding…because this technology helps your fulfill your branding core-principle to provide individualized, natural treatments so that your patients can stay and get well.

Dr. Wald suggests, but does not require, that all of his patients allow him to provide his overview of a Blood Detective Longevity Report based upon his software interpretation of your blood work. You may also request a Longevity Report, once your lab work has been provided, without becoming a patient of Dr Wald's by downloading this PDF Submittal Form and following the instructions herein. Thank you.

Dr. Michael Wald demonstrating his Blood Detective software, Professional Edition, Nutritional Lab Interpretation. Correction to the videos located THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE: None of the software programs provided through Blood Logic, Inc. are Patented or Patent-Pending.

HOUR LONG CLINICAL NUTRITION SEMINAR: Exploring biomarkers and nutritional solutions - By Dr. Michael Wald


 The Blood Detective Professional Edition Software currently contains twelve (12) different nutritional companies to draw from when choosing specific nutritional products based upon your patients individual lab test results. The nutritional companies included may change at any time without notice. 

  • Allergy Research      
  • Freeda                     
  • NutriWest                  
  • Biotics
  • Key
  • Orthomolecular
  • Standard Process
  • Blood Detective Nutritionals
  • Metagenics
  • Perque
  • Thorne

Want to add new companies? No problem! You can add dozens of additional nutritional supplement companies into the Blood Detective System. An update is currently in the works where all of the supplements, and their details (i.e., product description, dosing, etc.) can be automatically downloaded into the software!

Clinical SUCCESS!

Blood Detective™ Logic is a company that exclusively provides the The Blood Detective™ Professional Edition that essentially nutritionally and medically interprets blood and other types of testing - and much more!

The Blood Detective™ technology can help propel you to the highest level of professional clinical nutrition practice.  Here’s how…

  • Provide biochemically-individualized treatments for your patients.
  • Personalized health care is possible with our Blood Detective™ technology by quickly producing comprehensive patients reports complete with nutritional supplement recommendations and 10-day food plans.

This is what your patients will understand!

Your blood and other body tissues hold clues to your state of health. Within these living streams may be the answers to a current medical crisis or the silent warning signs of a developing disease — if you know where and how to look.

Dr. Michael Wald, the Original Blood Detective, searches for obvious and subtle clues often not too obvious on your blood tests to construct a custom plan of food and nutritional supplement recommendations supporting optimal wellness.

Dr. Michael Wald, the “brain-child” behind the Blood Detective Logic & Interpretive Systems, has developed sophisticated computer technologies based upon years of research and clinical experience that allows patients and practitioners to “focus-in” on the health needs of individuals reducing years of guess work and wasted efforts.  The benefit to you is nutritionally-based health care that goes beyond generalizations and standard treatments…after all, you are an individual and your health care deserves a personalized approach.

Please be aware that once you purchase a download it is non-refundable. All downloads are send through the email and must be downloaded and activated to your desktop(s) within 5 days of purchase. We do not guarantee that we will send you another download if this procedure is not followed. Thank you.



COMPARISON CHART ABOVE: Blood logic, Inc. and its competitors, may improve upon their blood interpretation technologies at any time and would therefore invalidate the above mentioned comparisons. Please consult with other blood interpretation companies to see their latest features compare to Blood Detective. 

Does This Sound Familiar? - Your patients know should you!

When doctors order “standard tests,” like cholesterol and red and white cell counts, the results may give only a glimpse of the total picture missing vital clues to your health problems. How many times have you not felt well only to be told, your blood results are “normal”? The Blood Detective™ technology evaluates, standard blood results and other important laboratory measurements from a holistic and medical perspective often uncovering obvious and subtle nutritional imbalances. Dr. Wald incorporates one’s health history, health goals and other assessment tools when developing individualized healing plans.

The Blood Detective™ evaluation will often recommend further testing either to substantiate or expand upon abnormal blood findings.

Complementary tests, like allergy screening and microscopic surveys or analyses of amino acids, essential fatty acids, hormones and pH levels may be suggested, but only after Blood Detective™ determines whether performing these tests might actually yield information that is useful, or that otherwise could not be determined directly from blood analysis.

The Wellness Model – Blood Detective™ Style!

Healthy vs. Average Blood Results Ranges

Employing a Wellness Model, the Blood Detective™ system compares the results of comprehensive laboratory tests against medical laboratory ranges, known as “clinical ranges,” but also against “healthy ranges” (a.k.a. functional ranges). Healthy ranges are blood values that are based upon maintaining the health of body tissues, rather than merely detecting disease once it is present. In other words, the healthy or functional values are predictive and preventative in nature. Clinical and Healthy (functional) approaches are both important, and are considered equally valuable in the context of a Blood Detective Interpretive Report…and recommendations given.

You are an individual – why not get treated like one?

The “clinical (average/normal)” ranges are based upon study groups that may include blood donors, laboratory personnel and hospital employees — not necessarily healthy people, but segments of the population that appear well. “Healthy (functional)” ranges are based on studies of healthy people who have a lower incidence of illness, disease and symptoms compared to the general population.

“Healthy (functional) ranges” are more narrowly defined than the “clinical (average”/”normal”) ranges. What this essentially means is that early problems with cells, tissues and organs can be discovered before they become disease conditions. The “clinical” range for cholesterol, for instance, is typically below 200; while the “healthy range” is generally 140 – 160. The Blood Detective™ matches laboratory findings against both the “clinical” and “healthy” populations for all of the laboratory values tested.

Healthy ranges have been studied for their nutritional implications and can provide clues to hidden deficiencies that would not be obvious if only standard values were considered.

The bottom line is this, if you are not feeling well, suspect that something is “not right”, and have been told or have been made to feel that, “it’s all in your head”, and then consider a, Blood Detective health evaluation.


DISCLAIMER: The abilities and contents of the Blood Detective Professional Edition and the Nutritional Microscopic Edition software are frequently evolving and may change at any time with out prior warning prior to purchase.