The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Tests & Natural Treatments



This book was written for the health care provider wishing to obtain a minimum base of knowledge in the areas of medical and nutritional interpretation of blood laboratory work. Additionally, this text provides guidelines for proper nutritional supplement suggestions, drug-nutrient interactions and medical conditions associated with abnormal laboratory work. The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Tests & Natural Treatments provides several essential components of information required for clinically successful integration of medical and nutritional knowledge. For each lab test provided the following fundamental sections are described:

  • A definition of the lab test

  • A description of the medical and nutritional meaning for the low and high blood test result

  • Common conditions associated with the low or high test value

  • Laboratory relationships, evaluations and other follow-up test suggestions

  • Drug-nutrient/drug-laboratory interactions

  • Nutritional supplement suggestions with dosages

Advances in the area of nutritional interpretation of blood laboratory work are rapidly advancing and future editions of this text will inevitably be necessary. It’s author, Dr. Michael Wald, has spent several years compiling the information herein and encourages the reader to also consult his other works including, The Blood Detective Logic & Interpretation Program – a web-based software program which provides nutritional advice for patients based on their biochemical individuality…based on their blood test results.
It is hoped that this introductory text will encourage the reader to apply the concepts herein to each individual patient or client.

Thank you for your dedication to the area of natural health and healing.
Warmest Regards,
Michael Wald MD, DC

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