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Consultation: 1 Minute


Looking for quick and practical and natural answers to your health and nutrition questions by a highly qualified naturopathic health professional? Well, you have found the answer right here! Dr. Michael Wald,a holistic doctor, earned his medical degree* after he became a doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Wald is a dietitian-nutritionist with a masters in human nutrition plus holding several other qualifications (see below). Dr. Wald will speak with you personally providing you with health and wellness insights meant to change your health for the better! 

HERE IS WHAT YOU GET!  Food (how and what to eat), nutritional supplement and exercise advice plus other lifestyle recommendations. During your initial conversation with Dr. Wald he will question you about your health so be prepared to let Dr. Wald know what your health goals are. Don't quite know? No problem because Dr. Wald will help you gain clarity so that you can start to build your health today.

Do you have a health or nutrition question that you would like to ask to a qualified dietitian and double-board certified nutritionist? No worries! Dr. Wald has 30-years of professional clinical nutrition practice experience and can answer questions in virtually any area of health and nutrition. What sort of diet should you eat? What is the best exercise for you? What vitamin and nutritional supplements should you take? What is the best way for you to loose weight? Dr. Wald can answer these and other questions that you might have so that you can be as healthy as possible. Dr. Wald is just a phone call or Zoom conference away!

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