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BloodDetectives Natural Herbal Mouthwash contains ingredients shown to reduce inflammation including Pau d'arco, Black walnut hulls, echinacea, olive leave and other synergistic herbs combined to promote healthy tissue repair and as an anti-infective agent acting against viruses, bacteria and other organisms. Swallowing this product after rinsing may help maintain and improve overall health and wellbeing when consumed with a balanced diet. Pau d’arco is a Latin American herb used to help both acute and chronic illnesses including infections and cancer. In vitro studies have shown it to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Black walnut hulls (Juglans nigra) and Butternut bark (Juglans cinerea) are native to the Middle East but now have worldwide distribution. Various parts of these trees are used medicinally, including the walnut hulls and the bark.  Juglans may be used internally or topically for ringworm, eczema, and herpes. This herb may also help eliminate tapeworms and pinworms. Echinacea Angustifolia is important in fighting viral infections. Recent research indicates that echinacea is most helpful at the onset of acute infections rather than for prevention of colds and flu. Olive Leaf Extract may be useful for fighting infections, lowering blood pressure, and inhibiting oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Usnea barbata (tree lichen) has been used as an anti-microbial: both antibiotic and antifungal. Usnea also contains polysaccharides that may be immunomodulating. Lomatium root effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and may also be anti-viral. Cat’s claw bark is native to South America. This herb has many traditional applications including intestinal complaints, gastric ulcers, dysentery, rheumatism, and wound healing. 

Suggested Use: 1-2 droppers, 3-6 times daily, add to water or juice.

Warning: Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, have tuberculosis, or have had an organ transplant. If you are taking any medications, including blood thinning medications like Coumadin or aspirin, please consult your health care practitioner before taking this or any herbal product. Not for use in children under 3 years of age.

*These statements have not been evaluated be the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Pau d' Arco Bark •20%
(Tabebuia impetriginosa)
Black Walnut Hulls •20%
(Juglans nigra)
Echinacea Angustifolia Root•10%
(Echinacea angustifolia)
Olive Leaf Extract •20%
(Olea europaea)
Usnea Lichen •10%
(Usnea spp.)
Lomatium Root •10%
(Lomatium dissectum)
Cat's Claw Bark •10%
(Uncaria tomentosa)

Nutrition in the form of diet and nutritional supplements are not an accepted treatment for COVID-19. Nutrition is supportive for overall health and nutrition status. The Center of Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration do not consider nutritional therapies as a treatment for COVID-19. Your use of nutritional products and information on this website or at is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical or health advice.

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