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Dr. Michael Wald is a doctor of chiropractic who's practice mainly focuses on the use of nutrition for disease treatment. Dr. Wald's approach is person-focused meaning that he conducts a detailed health history of your health problems and uses focused-health questionnaires and his 30-plus years of clinical experience to reinvent your health! Dr. Wald has a medical and chiropractic education, is a dietitian-nutritionist, certified nutritional specialist, has a masters degree in nutrition and has two nutrition board certifications making Dr. Wald perhaps the most qualified holistic health doctor you could find. Dr. Wald has published several books including, The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Laboratory Tests and Frankenfoods - GMO Dangers. He is also the host of the popular natural health show, Ask The BloodDetective, on

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Nutrition in the form of diet and nutritional supplements are not an accepted treatment for COVID-19. Nutrition is supportive for overall health and nutrition status. The Center of Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration do not consider nutritional therapies as a treatment for COVID-19. Your use of nutritional products and information on this website or at is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical or health advice.

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