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Your clients need to know and understand the results of their blood test results. By providing your patients with what amounts to a short book of their blood tests meaning they will not only potentially get better faster, but will be more compliant and turn into Raving Fans. Producing a Blood Detective report is fast and east! See how below.



Become the nutrition expert that your clients need today! You need an easy-to-use tool that will interpret your patients blood lab results quickly and correctly. Literally "write the book" on your patients and provide them with food, nutritional supplements, drug interactions and additional lab test advice in less than 5 minutes! Read more...

The Blood Detective Software currently contains twelve (12) different nutritional companies to draw from when choosing specific nutritional products based upon your patients individual lab test results. The nutritional companies included may change at any time without notice. 

  • Allergy Research      
  • Freeda                     
  • NutriWest                  
  • Biotics
  • Key
  • Orthomolecular
  • Standard Process
  • Blood Detective Nutritionals
  • Metagenics
  • Perque
  • Thorne

Want to add new companies? No problem! You can add dozens of additional nutritional supplement companies into the Blood Detective System. An update is currently in the works where all of the supplements, and their details (i.e., product description, dosing, etc.) can be automatically downloaded into the software!


Blood Detective™ Logic is a company that exclusively provides the The Blood Detective™ Professional Edition that essentially nutritionally and medically interprets blood and other types of testing - and much more!

The Blood Detective™ technology can help propel you to the highest level of professional clinical nutrition practice.  Here’s how…

  • Provide biochemically-individualized treatments for your patients.
  • Personalized health care is possible with our Blood Detective™ technology by quickly producing comprehensive patients reports complete with nutritional supplement recommendations and 10-day food plans.


Your blood and other body tissues hold clues to your state of health. Within these living streams may be the answers to a current medical crisis or the silent warning signs of a developing disease — if you know where and how to look.

Dr. Michael Wald, the Original Blood Detective, searches for obvious and subtle clues often not too obvious on your blood tests to construct a custom plan of food and nutritional supplement recommendations supporting optimal wellness.

Dr. Michael Wald, the “brain-child” behind the Blood Detective Logic & Interpretive Systems, has developed sophisticated computer technologies based upon years of research and clinical experience that allows patients and practitioners to “focus-in” on the health needs of individuals reducing years of guess work and wasted efforts.  The benefit to you is nutritionally-based health care that goes beyond generalizations and standard treatments…after all, you are an individual and your health care deserves a personalized approach.

Please be aware that once you purchase a download it is non-refundable. All downloads are send through the email and must be downloaded and activated to your desktop(s) within 5 days of purchase. We do not guarantee that we will send you another download if this procedure is not followed. Thank you.



COMPARISON CHART ABOVE: Blood logic, Inc. and its competitors, may improve upon their blood interpretation technologies at any time and would therefore invalidate the above mentioned comparisons. Please consult with other blood interpretation companies to see their latest features compare to Blood Detective. 


When doctors order “standard tests,” like cholesterol and red and white cell counts, the results may give only a glimpse of the total picture missing vital clues to your health problems. How many times have you not felt well only to be told, your blood results are “normal”? The Blood Detective™ technology evaluates, standard blood results and other important laboratory measurements from a holistic and medical perspective often uncovering obvious and subtle nutritional imbalances. Dr. Wald incorporates one’s health history, health goals and other assessment tools when developing individualized healing plans.


Complementary tests, like allergy screening and microscopic surveys or analyses of amino acids, essential fatty acids, hormones and pH levels may be suggested, but only after Blood Detective™ determines whether performing these tests might actually yield information that is useful, or that otherwise could not be determined directly from blood analysis.



Employing a Wellness Model, the Blood Detective™ system compares the results of comprehensive laboratory tests against medical laboratory ranges, known as “clinical ranges,” but also against “healthy ranges” (a.k.a. functional ranges). Healthy ranges are blood values that are based upon maintaining the health of body tissues, rather than merely detecting disease once it is present. In other words, the healthy or functional values are predictive and preventative in nature. Clinical and Healthy (functional) approaches are both important, and are considered equally valuable in the context of a Blood Detective Interpretive Report…and recommendations given.


The “clinical (average/normal)” ranges are based upon study groups that may include blood donors, laboratory personnel and hospital employees — not necessarily healthy people, but segments of the population that appear well. “Healthy (functional)” ranges are based on studies of healthy people who have a lower incidence of illness, disease and symptoms compared to the general population.

“Healthy (functional) ranges” are more narrowly defined than the “clinical (average”/”normal”) ranges. What this essentially means is that early problems with cells, tissues and organs can be discovered before they become disease conditions. The “clinical” range for cholesterol, for instance, is typically below 200; while the “healthy range” is generally 140 – 160. The Blood Detective™ matches laboratory findings against both the “clinical” and “healthy” populations for all of the laboratory values tested.

The bottom line is this, if you are not feeling well, suspect that something is “not right”, and have been told or have been made to feel that, “it’s all in your head”, and then consider a, Blood Detective health evaluation.


Nutrition in the form of diet and nutritional supplements are not an accepted treatment for COVID-19. Nutrition is supportive for overall health and nutrition status. The Center of Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration do not consider nutritional therapies as a treatment for COVID-19. Your use of nutritional products and information on this website or at is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical or health advice.



IMPORTANT – Please use Chrome and not Safari as your web browser.



  1. Please go to: and then click on Software (at the top of the page) and then click on Login within the dropdown menu.


  1. Type in for - Email: YOUR EMAIL


  1. And for your password type in your first and last name and a “1” like this example: michaelwald1


  1. Once you are in the program please follow these instructions to produce patient reports:


  1. Click on Patients and Reports.

    Click on Add Patient: Type in the information required, however, only the name of the patient, their date of birth and email is required to move past this screen.


  1. Once all the information is in, including in the upper right of the screen click on Active (and change this only when the patient either drops out or is dismissed from care, or you can leave it alone and never change it). 

    You may also put in the date of the patients last consultation just under where you have indicated that the patient is Active


  1. Once you have added all of the details on the Add Patient page to the bottom left and click on


  1. The Patients Page will now populate the screen. Locate the patient that you have just added into the system by last name and click on the name and you will be brought to a screen that has the patients name in the upper left top of the page.


  1. Now, click on Lab Dates tab and then on Enter Lab Results and you will be brought to the Add New Lab Results screen and then click on the Submit button located at the upper left side of the screen.


  1. You should now be on the Edit Lab Results Click within the empty boxes under the Results column and type in the appropriate lab tests results (numbers) that you had performed for this patient; and when you are done scroll all the way to the bottom of this screen (Edit Lab Results) and click Submit located at the lower left side of the screen.


  1. On the top right of the screen click on Create Evaluation Report and choose all the options you would like to preset (and that appear within your patient’s report) for all of your patients’ on the Evaluation Report Configuration Once you have done this - at the very left bottom of the screen click on Save as New Defaults and then on the Create Evaluation Report.


  • A complete Evaluation Report will be immediately generated that you may either choose to print as a PDF or as a physical paper report.


  1. Go to your File option located at the very top of your computer screen and from the dropdown menu choose Print (just as you would to print anything on your computer).
  2. Once you press File go to the print option within the drop down menu and the Print box comes pops up; from the Printer options menu choose PDF if you want to print as a PDF and then name the PDF the patients name and Nutrition Report (or anything that you would like to name it).
  3. If you would rather choose to print patient reports as physical reports choose to do so from your printer drop down menu.
  4. Both Mac and PC can encrypt PDF reports that you may then assign any password for your patients that you want; so that you can email the PDF reports to them in an encrypted format (please check HIPPA requirements regarding this point).  


Remember -

-Charge a set amount to your patients for each report

-     Let them know them you will want to run a comparison report in 1-3 months or so (as is appropriate based upon the test results and other health related factors). 

-     Create a letter and eblast it to all of your patients letting them know that you now provide personalized nutritional interpretation of their blood work! More then just their blood type you use over a dozen aspects of their biochemistry found on their blood test report to personalize dietary and nutritional supplement advice. 

Your cost per report is $25.00 (UNLESS, you have purchased the Blood Detective Program outright. It is better for you to choose and pay for several reports at once because if you are in a pinch to produce a report, but you run out of payment for reports I may or may not be able to reconfigure your account report access as fast as you would like. When you pay for several reports upfront it is all done for that number of reports. Please keep track of the number of reports at you have run on patients so that you know when you are running out. 

 Thank you again and I am gratified that you are providing this affordable and necessary service to your patients. 

Thank you, 

Dr. Michael Wald

Contact Dr. Wald with questions at:


How to Increase Your Income & Clinical Success IMMEDIATELY with no new patients needed – BloodDetective Style!



  1. Find your branding and announce it. BE a BloodDetective!


  1. Practice your branding such that your clinical style matches your advertizing (social media, print, eblasting, etc.).


  1. Announce to your practice that you provide personalized nutritional advice in the form of blood-interpretation – beyond just blood type, but based upon dozens of aspects of your patients blood test results.


  1. Create an announcement that reflects the above concept like this that MOTIVATES YOUR PATIENTS TO ACTION!


My goal in my professional life and personally is to…


…do more for others than anyone else does.


Well, I have discovered another way to do this for you and a select number of people that trust me to help them get and stay well.


Even though this communication is a form letter I have sent it to those people that I work with that can potentially benefit from my newly implemented BloodDetective technology.


I have always had one goal for you – to get you better fast and as naturally as possible. I now use an advanced software technology that I can use to help me get you there and its called the, BloodDetective Software Technology. I can produce an incredible detailed interpretative report of exactly what you need nutritionally to –


  • Lose weight faster
  • Improve your mental alertness and memory
  • Lower your cholesterol and/or blood pressure
  • Fix your blood sugar
  • Reduce your pain and
  • Improve your overall healing capacity


You know that I have always provided you with the best chiropractic care possible, the most advanced nutritional concepts, testing and other services – and I will continue to do this. Now, I have carefully evaluated the BloodDetective Technology and believe it is one of the most advanced tools that I can use to enhance the quality of all that we are currently doing.


Even if you were told that your blood tests results were essentially normal – think again because if you are not at your best healthy and your blood work appears normal then you need a “new normal” set of blood results!


Make sense? Stay with me and please read on because this is important stuff for you!


Here is something that you need to know right now! There are hidden answers to your health problems that can be discovered in your blood work…the blood work that you get from your primary doctor (or from you if you draw blood).


The blood-type diet helps some people and it’s based only on blood type – BloodDetective will take a dozen or more blood tests (not just one blood type) and provide far more accurate health and nutritional information that I can use to more your health to the next level!


Here is what I need to help you loose weight faster and more permanently, improve your overall healing, energy, mental focus, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure – you name it!


  1. I need for you to request a copy of your blood work if it is no older than 1 year and bring it into the office. I will personally perform a detailed nutritional analysis of your blood work – even if you were told that your blood work is pretty much normal.


By the way, your blood test results may not have been very useful to your doctor, but I will be comparing your results not to “normal individuals of your age and sex”, but to healthy people of a much younger age. Why? Simply because as you get older your blood work drifts higher and higher or lower and lower, depending upon your specific lab tests, meaning that your body is losing its ability to maintain itself.


The problem is that your blood results can drift in one direction or another (high or low) and you can still have “normal blood test results”, but they will not be healthy if I compare you to, “healthy blood test results” – this is what I call a BloodDetective interpretation because I will be searching intensely into each and every aspect of your blood work to figure out where your blood results should be for you to get – better health results than ever before! Here are a few examples of what I mean…


Your cholesterol seems normal? Guess again!

Maybe your blood cholesterol levels are normal or borderline, but did you know that fewer heart attacks happen when your blood work is between the ranges of 165-185? Even a so-called “normal” cholesterol of 199 or thereabouts increases your risk higher than a level of 165-185.


The best blood sugar level for weight loss and lowered heart disease and diabetes

So you were told that your blood sugar was normal? Well, if your non-fasting (that’s right – your Non-Fasting) glucose if higher than 85 mg/dL you’re at increased riso your risk of diabetes - even though a level glucose up to 115 mg/dL is considered normal. So, a glucose value of 85 mg/dL is associated with reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and weight gain!


Your thyroid MAY NOT be ideal, but it could be “normal”!

If your blood TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is normally hovering between 0.3 to 6.3 depending upon the laboratory used. A TSH level closer to around 1.18 mg/dL is far more ideal for fat burning, mental alertness, maintaining blood sugar and blood fat and other benefits.


Now imagine what can happen when I can use BloodDetective to compare dozens of your blood test results all at the same time. What will happen is that my over-read of the BloodDetective data allows the creation of what is literally speaking A BOOK about your biochemistry and what specific foods and food plan(s) and nutritional supplements YOU need for your health and healing to get into HIGH GEAR!


Here is what you need to do to get you and I to the next level. It’s simple –


  1. Get a copy of your latest blood tests and bring them into the office for a BloodDetective evaluation.
  1. The front desk will schedule you for a BloodDetective Interpretation consultation during which you and I will review your BloodDetective report including. A consultation charge will apply at the time of your appointment.


  1. How do your results compare to average and to healthy people
  2. What we need to do with foods to more your chemistry into a better healing-zone.
  3. We may learn how your medications, if you are taking any, are affecting your health and nutrition (even in adverse ways).
  4. We will know what supplement changes that you will need to make to design your supplement intake much more accurately around your Personalized Biochemical & Nutritional needs.
  5. Your personalized BloodDetective report will be generated prior to your sit-down consultation and carries a charge of $135.00 (this is in addition to your consultation charge of $175.00).

 My entire life has been focused on natural ways to improve the health and lives of my patients. Thank you for your continued trust!

See you very soon!

Dr. Michael Wald

Dr. Michael Wald, MD, DC, MS, PhD, DACBN, CDN, CNS, CCN

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