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Dr. Michael Wald has over 30 years clinical experience helping people loose weight and keep it off. "I will teach you how to eat and how to make simple meals that will effectively burn fat and keep the weight off. My weight loss plan for you is meant to be long term so that you can life your life and stop worrying about weight gain. Our initial consultation can take place either by phone, in-person or over Zoom and is 1:15-hr in length. Follow up consultations are $175 if and as needed at 35 min. Let's get started today so that you can look and feel your best now!"

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Nutrition in the form of diet and nutritional supplements are not an accepted treatment for COVID-19. Nutrition is supportive for overall health and nutrition status. The Center of Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration do not consider nutritional therapies as a treatment for COVID-19. Your use of nutritional products and information on this website or at IntMedNY.com is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical or health advice.

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